Date: February 20, 2019
Speaker: Eric Lupher
Venue: Michigan House Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates
Topic: Medical Costs of No-fault Automobile Insurance

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    • Cost of Auto Insurance?
      I see several problems with auto insurance companies that you failed to mention.
      1: Lack of competition between companies…In other words they have pooled their resources through the catastrophic injury fund.
      2: Forced to pay for duel healthcare.
      3:The need to allow the insurance companies to go after each other to recover loses….not the policy holder.
      4: Unlike any other type of business…Insurance companies have legally lobbied and had laws passed that insure their profits. ie; catastrophic injury fund, dual health insurance and more.
      This lack of competition and mandatory fees have caused our insurance prices to skyrocket.

      kevin simpson
      March 6, 2019, @ 12:30 pm Reply

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