March 2019 | Report 406 and Memorandum 1156

  • Public transportation is often viewed by policymakers and citizens as a social welfare program aimed at providing limited mobility for those with no other options. To attract “choice” riders and expand service, it needs to be viewed as an important public utility and a vital part of the public and private transportation networks.

  • Regional governance is about more than the cross-section of people appointed or elected to the governing board. It requires state and local policies that adopt a broader focus on transportation, planning and zoning, and related policies. Most importantly, it demands collaboration among units of government and transit providers.  

  • Regional funding is a prerequisite for regional systems. Expanded funding options, beyond the property tax, requires authorization of additional types of local taxes; tax-base sharing; spreading the tax burden by levying multiple local tax rates; feathering tax rates by lowering rates as people get farther from the urban center; and/or linking public transit funding with road and other transportation funding.

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    • The transit improvement costs should be covered by the normal tax receipts. If the state continues to raise taxes , more people with the ability to do so will leave Michigan for states that provide services that more closely give value equivalent to taxes demanded by the state.. One only has to Look at New York and California, states that are losing well off residents to lower tax states.

      Roger Stanley
      March 25, 2019, @ 2:03 am Reply
      • The transit improvement costs can be covered by current tax receipts . If the state continues to increase taxes, residents with the ability to do so , will leave the state, much the same as the high tax states of New York and California.. Were it not for special circumstances, I would already have moved to a lower tax state.

        Roger Stanley
        March 25, 2019, @ 2:12 am Reply
      • I am supportive of Clinton transit but feel they need to advertise the service more. Also the handicap vans that require volunteers in my opinion should be stationed at convenient locations in the county. (to much wasted time for volunteers donating there time driving)

        Dale Westrick
        April 2, 2019, @ 11:17 pm Reply

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