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State of Michigan

CRC offers links to governmental websites, to organizations and associations with a governmental focus, and to organizations like the Citizens Research Council that are engaged in governmental research. CRC does not endorse or claim any affiliation with any of these organizations.

Michigan State Government Sites

State of Michigan Home Page
Michigan Executive Branch
State of Michigan
Michigan Web Page Directory
Michigan Information Center
Michigan Census 2000
Department of Agriculture — promotes agricultural interests of the state and develops safeguards to protect the public from disease and unsanitary conditions in connection with food production and food handling, product labeling, dairy products, animals, and plants. The department’s responsibilities in the field of consumer protection include the enforcement of laws relating to food, standard weights and measures, farm produce storage, and dairy products; inspection and enforcement of animal health; control of plant pests and diseases; and inspection of beans and perishable fruits and vegetables.Michigan State Fair
Office of the Attorney General — is legal counsel for the legislature and for each officer, department, board, and commission of state government. He or she also assists in the conduct of official hearings held by state officers, departments, boards, and commissions.
Department of Civil Rights — investigates and resolves discrimination complaints and works to prevent discrimination through educational programs that promote voluntary compliance with civil rights laws.
Department of Civil Service — the central personnel agency for state government, with overall responsibility for regulating conditions of employment for classified civil service workers in all of the departments of the executive branch of state government.
Department of Community Health — The functions of MDCH include development of state health policy and management of the state’s publicly funded health service systems. More than two million Michigan residents will receive services this year funded in whole or in part through MDCH.Health Care CoverageMental Health and Substance AbuseProvidersStatistics and ReportsPhysical Health and PreventionPregnant Women, Children and FamiliesVital Records
Department of Corrections — information on different correctional facilities and camps, legislative reports, news and events, escapees, career options, administrations, publications, and resources for victims.
Michigan Economic Development Corporation — information on travel and leisure in Michigan along with thousands of job opportunities and assistance in locating expanding, starting or growing a business in Michigan.
Department of Education — the administrative arm of the State Board of Education, implementing federal and state legislative mandates in the field of education. Users can access information on programs and services, educational resources, reports and statistics along with legislation, grants and finance and other related links.
State Board of Education
School Reports — information by school district and by individual school building.
Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services — Here you can read Standard & Poor’s summary report on each school system in participating states and view comparisons of key academic, financial, and demographic data supporting Standard & Poor’s findings.
Department of Environmental Quality — strives to improve environmental quality for the protection of public health and natural resources to benefit current and future generations. Users will find information about the DEQ’s divisions and offices, press releases, regulations, and employment opportunities along with a calendar of events, environmental programs and citizens’ assistance.
Executive Office — also known as the Office of the Governor contains biographical information about the Governor, the First Family, and the Lieutenant Governor along with press releases, appointments, speeches, executive orders, archives, relevant links and the Constitution.
Family Independence Agency — helps to improve the quality of life in Michigan by protecting children and vulnerable adults, delivering juvenile justice services, and providing support to strengthen families and individuals striving for independence. Users will find information about the FIA and their services along with news releases, programs and data, studies, reports, plans and rules, government sites and other related links.
Department of Labor & Economic Growth — supports the health, safety, economic and cultural well-being of the public through services to and regulation of the activities of organizations and individuals. Users will find information about the CIS, their brochures, services and news along with Census 2000 information, legislative reports, accomplishments, grant awards, and other helpful links.
Career, Education and Workplace Programs
Commercial Services & Corporations
Construction Codes & Fire Safety
Family & Health Services
Financial and Insurance Services
Hearings, Appeals and Mediation
Liquor Control
Library of Michigan — a nationally recognized, visible, electronic and traditional library and leadership development center serving as a vital information resource to the legislature, state government and citizens of Michigan. Users will find information about the Library of Michigan along with news, events, and projects, various resources, government information, services to various groups, publications, policies and directories, an electronic library and catalog and many other valuable sites.
Michigan Electronic Library — an online information system that provides residents of Michigan with no-charge Internet access to a basic set of electronic resources. MEL’s ‘virtual library’ is selected by librarians and is designed to be a significant information tool for the state’s libraries and its citizens. Users can learn about the MEL, browse the Internet by subject, search the MEL for information and find out what magazines are held in Michigan libraries. There is also information about Michigan libraries, government and community resources and related links.
Michigan Gaming Control Board — responsible for licensing and regulating private, commercial casinos, their suppliers and employees; and by overseeing Native American casinos in Michigan. Users will find information on a wide variety of gaming topics including rules, reports, application forms, licensing, fees and taxes, gambling addictions, and many more. Information is also included about the board, staff and related agencies.
Michigan Lottery Bureau — generates revenue for the state of Michigan consistent with the public good, provides quality entertainment to the public consistent with the Bureau’s statutory mandate and maintains the integrity of lottery games and activities. Users will find information about Lottery Bureau along with the winning numbers and jackpots, games and promotions, winners, unclaimed prizes, regional offices, facts and figures, the education funds and related links.
Department Of Management and Budget — an interdepartmental service and management agency responsible for providing financial management, property management, capital facility development, procurement, retirement and related benefits, employee benefits programs, accounting and payroll functions, demographic functions, geographic information, systems development, and office support services to state agencies. Users will find information about the DMB along with state purchasing, news and services, state purchases, and other links.
Office of Financial Services — primary responsibilities include publishing the state’s annual financial report, overseeing state payroll and establishing effective internal control systems to promote sound financial management practices in all agencies of state government. Users will find information about the OFM along with office responsibilities and organizations, financial reporting, policies and procedures, evaluation tools, State phone and email directories and other related links.
Office of the State Budget — information about budget development, census information, economic development, education and school aid, financial management, general government, geographic resource, health and human services, public protection, resource management, and roads and infrastructure.
Office of Retirement Services
State Buildings, Real Estate & Construction
Department of Military & Veterans Affairs — to protect the lives and property of Michigan citizens during times of natural disaster and to preserve the peace, order, and public safety at the direction of the Governor.
Department of Natural Resources — promoting diverse outdoor recreational opportunities, wildlife and fisheries management, forest management, state lands and minerals, state parks and recreation areas, and conservation and law enforcement. Users will find information on particular topics (hunting, camping, fishing, ect.) along with resource and conservation management, legislation, regulations, grants and financial assistance, press releases, volunteer programs and employment information, hot topics and related links.
Fisheries Division — Forests, Land & Water Division — Hunting Division
Recreation & Camping — information on camping reservations, the location of a State park or campground site, the basics of a State forest campground, and camping hints. Wildlife & Habitat Division —
Department of State — a complex, diversified agency performing a wide variety of activities and services for millions of Michigan residents each year. The major functions of the Department of State are the motor vehicle and the statewide election administrations, consumer protection for automobile owners, preservation of Michigan history, and the Office of the Great Seal. Users will find a variety of topics including Michigan’s history and the Great Seal, driver and vehicle information, on-line services, elections, and consumer protection.
Elections Division — information about elections, qualified voter file information, campaign finance and statements, lobbyist registration and casino interest registration, election results and related links.
Michigan Secretary of State Publius Voter Information Center — when ballots are finalized, this site allows voters to view the candidates and issues on which they will be asked to vote. Includes links to candidates’ websites.
Citizens’ Guide to Voting Systems — a new website that that uses video, photographs and text makes it easy for residents to learn about the various voting systems used in Michigan.
Services to Businesses
Department of State Police — provide leadership, coordination, and delivery of law enforcement and support services in order to preserve, protect, and defend people and property, while respecting the rights and dignity of all people. Users will find information about weather/highway construction, safe driving tips, news releases, human resources, bureaus/divisions, reports and publications, provided services, most wanted and missing/unidentified people, sex offender registry and other sites.
Department of Transportation — improves Michigan’s total transportation system by efficiently delivering transportation products, services and information. Users will find information about the MDOT, news and current events, roads and travel, facts and figures, maps, publications, projects and programs, trains and buses, aeronautics and other related links.
State Transportation Map — view online or order a travel map of Michigan.  
Department of Treasury — acts as an advisor to the Governor on tax and fiscal policy issues. Users have access to tax forms and publications, Michigan taxes, local government services, revenue, economic and budget information, investments, cash and debt management, laws, court cases, rules and bulletins along with authorities and commissions, current topics of interest and other related sites.
Income Tax Forms
Business Tax Forms
Local Government Services
Forms and Instructions
Revenue Sharing Information
Loans and Bonds
Municipal Finance
State Assessors Board
State Tax Commission
Michigan Legislature
Michigan Legislature — a service of the Michigan Legislative Council, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the Michigan Senate. Users are able to locate bill and resolution status along with those bills and resolutions as introduced and passed by the House and Senate, enrolled bills and resolutions, and daily journals and calendars. Links to related sites and other helpful information is included in the site.
Office of the Auditor General
Michigan House of Representatives — includes links to the Republican and Democratic caucus, the House TV, the House Fiscal Agency, the Michigan Legislature along with Michigan resources, House leadership and committees and related links.
Michigan House Fiscal Agency — Besides working on budget-related issues, the Michigan House Fiscal Agency also provides members of the House with detailed projections of the Michigan economy and estimates of state revenues and expenditures. The agency also examines proposed legislation for revenue and expenditure impacts. Users will find information about the agency and the State budget including estimates, appropriations, status and school aid along with agency reports and other related links.
House Democratic Homepage — includes current news, task forces, tours of the State capitol, media resources, state and federal links, on-line legislation along with biographies of and information on each Democratic Representative.
House Republican Homepage — includes current news, task forces, press release archives and photos along with Republican accomplishments, member biographies and email addresses, pending bills and recent state laws and related links.
Michigan Senate — Users can access information on locating his/her Senator, Senate leadership and committees, session schedules, employment opportunities, legislation, journals and calendars along with the Senate kids’ page, the Republican and Democratic Caucus, the Senate Fiscal Agency and other government links.
Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency — a nonpartisan legislative agency created to provide the Michigan Senate with sound and unbiased assistance by providing staff support to the Senate Appropriations Committee, assisting all members of the Senate on State budget-related issues, and providing analysis of all proposed legislation being considered by the Senate. Users will find information about the latest additions, SFA publications, economic and revenue data, state budgets by department along with a state budget overview, bill analysis, SFA staff and services and other links.
Senate Democratic Homepage — information on legislative topics and the members serving in the Senate.
Senate Republican Homepage — information on a host of legislative topics, as well as information about each district provided by individual Senators.
Michigan Judiciary
Michigan Supreme Court — the highest court in the state, hearing cases appealed to it from the Court of Appeals. In addition to its judicial duties, the Supreme Court is responsible for the general administrative supervision of all courts in the state. The Supreme Court also establishes rules for practice and procedure in all courts. Users will find information about the courts, the schedule for oral arguments before the Supreme Court, links to decisions of both the court and the Court of Appeals, along with a list of cases the court has agreed to hear, court publications, public programs and a number of other related links.
Opinions & Orders — Users can access Michigan Supreme Court opinions and Michigan Court of Appeals opinions, Michigan court rules and administrative orders, Michigan laws and other Michigan law websites. In order to find cases on this site, users can browse through a list of opinions within each court, search by keyword, and/or search by practice area.
Michigan Court of Appeals — Users can access phone numbers for Michigan Court of Appeals Judges along with phone numbers and addresses for the Offices of the Clerk, the Research Division, and the Administrative Office.
Trial Courts
Judicial Tenure Commission — The Judicial Tenure Commission serves to promote the integrity of the judicial process and preserve public confidence in the courts. Michigan created the Commission when voters passed an amendment to Article 6, § 30 of the Michigan Constitution in August, 1968. The enabling court rule is now codified in MCR 9.200. The Commission strives to hold state judges, magistrates, and referees accountable for their misconduct without jeopardizing or compromising the essential independence of the judiciary. The basis for Commission action is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct or Rules of Professional Conduct, which are published with the Michigan Rules of Court.
Michigan Government-Related Publications 
Gongwer News Service — one of the oldest legislative news services in the nation. Gongwer strives to provide comprehensive, accurate, timely and balanced daily news reports on the activities of state government, with a particular emphasis on legislative activities. Users will find election/political links, legislation, court decisions and the Constitution, Michigan Government directories and links, biographies of elected officials, speeches, documents and news links along with the Michigan Report Index, information about Gongwer and related links.
Michigan Government Television — a public affairs initiative of Michigan’s cable industry modeled after C-SPAN
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