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Stock Donations

A Tax-Smart Way to Donate

Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the change you want to see with a gift of securities.

Benefits of donating stock to charity include:

Avoid capital gains tax

Gifting stock avoids federal capital gains tax. Most donors can also claim an income tax deduction for the stock’s full market value (state & local income tax deductions may also be available in some areas). Neither you nor the Citizens Research Council will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate.

Make a bigger impact

When you give appreciated stocks directly to the Citizens Research Council, your gift can be up to 20% larger because you avoid the taxes you would incur from selling the stock and donating the cash. This means more money going to the work that you support.

It’s quick and easy

Whether you want to do it yourself or get help from your financial advisor, donating stocks won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Let Us Know

Let us know that you are planning on making a gift of stocks so we know who is sending us the donation. Please complete the information below regarding your stock transfer, so we know to look for it. This information will let us know who sent the gift so we can thank you and send you the needed tax information at the end of the year. If you prefer not to use the form, you can call Eric Lupher (734) 542-8001.

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