Memo 213, November 1969

The governor has submitted to the legislature a series of proposals for educational reform. Included are two joint resolutions proposing constitutional amendments and ten bills proposing statutory changes. The governor’s proposals would provide for increased state _responsibility for elementary-secondary education in order to promote a uniform distribution of educational services throughout the state. This shift of responsibility to the state would be accomplished over a three-year period by the following major measures:

  • Reorganization of the educational structure at the state level, at the intermediate (regional) level, and at the local school district level.
  • State determination of basic operating expenditure requirements for elementary-secondary public education at all levels, including the local school districts.
  • State responsibility for raising the revenues required to support the operating costs of elementary-secondary public education in the state.
  • Establishment of a statewide system for assessing and evaluating educational achievement.
  • Enactment of a formula for state aid to local school districts for 1970-71 that contains some elements designed to begin the transition to full state support of public elementary-secondary operating costs.
  • State aid to non-public schools.

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