July 15th, 1918.



Opportunities which appear immediately
available in connection with the market
situation in Detroit.

1. In accordance with paragraph “D” of section 5 of chapter 8 of the charter of the city of Detroit, by resolution of the common council, transfer the maintenance and repair of public markets from the supervision of the Commissioner of Public Works to the supervision of the Welfare Commission. This should be done for the following reasons:

a. The very nature of the activities of the Department of Public Works having to do with engineering and construction problems would prevent active and aggressive interest in maintaining and developing public markets.

b. Transferring the maintenance and repair of public markets to the Public Welfare Commission creates an undivided responsibility for the operation, maintenance and repair, not only of public market houses but of any future storage warehouses and supply depots which may be obtained.

c. Lodging entire control of the public markets in the Public Welfare Commission will bring pointedly to its attention the power of this Commission to erect and operate storage warehouses, supply depots and market buildings for the sale or storage of merchandise.

2. Consideration might be given to a resolution of the Common Council directing the Public Welfare Commission to report in writing to the Common Council within 30 days recommendations as to what steps should be taken by the City of Detroit to investigate questions of supply and demand, transportation of all food stuffs and all questions pertaining thereto with a statement of the estimated cost of such investigation.

3. Such a resolution might also direct the Public Welfare Commission to include in this report recommendations as to what steps the city should take to ascertain if the fuel needs of the city can be more adequately met by the development of municipal docks and other distributing centers equipped for the proper unloading and handling of coal delivered by water.

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