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CRC Column

The right to criticize government is also an obligation to know what you are talking about. 
-Lent Upson, 1st Executive Director of CRC  

County Home Rule Issues

pdf File Detroit City Charter Revision Issues ... The Nature and Purpose of a Home Rule Charter,
Report 310-3, ( July 93 ) 4 pages [33,692 bytes]

--- Summarizes Report 311 ---

pdf File Detroit City Charter Revision Issues ... Democratic Principles and Home Rule Charters,
Report 310-1, ( July 93 ) 4 pages [32,166 bytes]

(Susan B. Hannah, WMU) Principles on which our American political system was founded: popular sovereignty; individual rights; representation; majority rule; limited government/divided rule; and accountability

PDF File County Organization in Michigan,
Memo, ( November 89 ) 26 pages

This paper prepared for: MACOMB COUNTY 21st CENTURY: COUNTY HOME RULE? discusses the historical and statutory reasons for the organization of county government in Michigan, discusses optional unified form of county government and charter form of county government

PDF File Home Rule in Wayne County: IV -- Wayne County After Four Years of Home Rule,
CC 968, ( November 87 ) 4 pages

This article will describe changes in Wayne County�s financial condition since charter implementation, in recognition of the fact that financial crisis provided the impetus to address the long recognized need for structural reorganization to improve county operations and efficiency. It will also briefly assess the current state of the economy.

--- See also CC #967, #966, #965; and Report #286 ---

pdf File A Review of the Effects of Home Rule on Wayne County Government
Report 286, ( September 87 ) 50 pages

In addition to reviewing the history of organizational and operational problems in Wayne County, this report describes the organization structure and separation of powers as required in the state enabling legialation, as defined in the Wayne County Charter, as implemented in the reorganization plans, and finally as interpreted by local legal opinions and the courts. It also identifies available alternative county structures, and attempts to offer some insights of value to those residents of other counties who may be considering the home rule option.
--- See also CC #968, #967, #966, and #965 ---

PDF File Home Rule in Wayne County: III -- Implementation of Checks and Balances
CC 967, ( September 87 ) 4 pages

The third article in a series on the effects of home rule on Wayne County, focuses on the establishment of a system of checks and balances within that frame-work.

--- See also CC #968, #966, #965, and Report #286 ---

PDF File Home Rule in Wayne County: II -- Separation of Powers and Reorganization under the Wayne County Charter
CC 966, ( August 87 ) 4 pages

This issue will examine portions of the adopted charter that resulted in county reorganization and the separation of powers between the redefined legislative and executive branches, recognizing that organization affects the way decisions are made, coordinated, and implemented.

--- See also CC #968, #967, #965, and Report #286 ---

PDF File Home Rule in Wayne County: I -- County Structure in Michigan
CC 965, ( July 87 ) 4 pages

This issue will describe briefly the development of various county structures available in Michigan; subsequent issues in this series will analyze the effects of the home rule charter on reorganization and the separation of powers, the implementation of a system of checks balances, and the current financial condition and continuing issues in Wayne County.

--- See also CC #968, #967, #966, and Report #286 ---

PDF File Significant Local Ballot Issues
CC 963, ( October 86 ) 4 pages

(Wayne County-Abolish Drain Commissioner; Macomb County-Electing a Commission to Draft a Charter)
Among local ballot issues to be decided on November 4, 1986, two have some statewide significance. Both deal with the subject of county home rule. Wayne County government now is in the 4th year of operation under a charter that separates legislative and executive powers into two branches. A Wayne County ballot proposal would further the move toward a unified executive and toward separation of powers in that county. Macomb County is voting on a proposal to create a charter commission to write a home rule charter for the county.

Wayne County Charter Opinions on Appointment Authority,
Misc., ( June 85 ) 3 pages

CC 963, Significant Local Ballot Issues (Wayne County-Abolish Drain Commissioner; Macomb County-Electing a Commission to Draft a Charter) ( October 86 ) 4 pages

PDF File Wayne County and Detroit Ballot Issues
CC 948, ( July 84 ) 4 pages

(A: Wayne County Millage Renewal; B: Abolish Wayne County Road Commission; C: Ombudsman; L: Detroit Library Operating Millage)

Reorganizing Wayne County Government Under the 1981 Home Rule Charter,
Report 277, ( December 82 ) 49 pages

The Proposed Wayne County Charter
CC 926, ( October 81 ) 4 pages

On November 3, 1981, Wayne County voters were asked to decide whether Wayne County should become a home rule county through adoption of one of two proposed charters. This paper described the significance of that vote, explained potential changes, and walked through the voting process with two questions on the ballot.

---See also #968, #967, #966, and Report #286 ---

The Proposed Wayne County Charter,
Report 275, ( September 81 ) 45 pages

Wayne County Charter Issues ... County Services
Report 274, ( April 81 ) 39 pages

Several provisions in the County Charter Act address the matter of providing services and issuing regulations under a charter county government. In this paper we address those matters relating to services and regulations that the Wayne County Charter Commission should consider. Our purpose is not to discuss organization and structure of the charter county government although necessarily, on occasion, we will touch upon those concerns.

--- See also CC 926 ---

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Employee Retirement,
Report 273, ( April 81 ) 18 pages

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Debt Concepts and Provisions for Michigan Charter County Government
Report 272, ( April 81 ) 12 pages

The purpose of this paper is to review concepts related to authorizing debt provisions under the Constitution of the State of Michigan and to define the issues involved in developing debt provisions for the Wayne County Charter. This paper will also analyze debt provision alternatives by comparing the concepts of such provisions for the Wayne County Charter. This paper does not seek to analyze statutory provisions pursuant to which county debt may currently be incurred or to suggest any revisions to such provisions which might be necessary to desirable in the implementation of any of the debt authorizing concepts discussed herein.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Personnel Management
Report 271, ( March 81 ) 14 pages

This report on the Wayne County civil service commission describes the present personnel system and the decision options available to the charter commission. In 1972, the National Civil Service League found that the Wayne County civil service commission was not performing these functions efficiently or effectively. In 1980, the Wayne County Efficiency Task Force confirmed the earlier findings of poorly administered personnel policies and recommended changes similar to those suggested by the 1972 report. Presently few, if any, of the recommendations of these reports have been implemented. Therefore, the charter commission has an excellent opportunity to reverse the directions of county personnel policy and make a significant contribution to strengthening personnel administration.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... The Legislative Branch
Report 270, ( March 81 ) 28 pages

The purpose of this paper is to review concepts related to potential reforms of the legislative branch that could be proposed in a charter county form of government. This paper will examine the lawmaking, legislative oversight, and constituent services functions of a county commission and consider different aspects of organization and power that would empower the commission to carry out those responsibilities in a charter county. The task of the Wayne County Charter Commission is to seek a balance in the charter provisions by creating a board of commissioners that is both politically and administratively efficient.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Financial Processes
Report 269, ( March 81 ) 22 pages

The purpose of this report on financial processes is to provide a broad background of conditions, concepts, and ideas related to sound principles of good financial practice to the Wayne County Charter Commission to enable it to develop a sound, flexible and forward looking financial management program for Wayne County government for at least the next 10 years. There may be no greater responsibility placed upon public officials than the fiduciary burden of being able, effective stewards of the public resources entrusted to their use for the provision of services which are the unique province of the public trust of elected representatives. Over the last 20 years, public officials have been privileged to participate in the management of the fastest growing component of our national economy. It is the purpose of this overview to set forth a scenario of what might be the prospect for the 1980s regarding the availability of public funds and how the public officials in Wayne County government might fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities as they are affected by these economic, political, and legal directions.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Labor Relations Management
Report 268, ( March 81 ) 16 pages

This study surveys Wayne County labor relations management and offers a brief outline and assessment of alternative policies available through adoption of a charter. The charter cannot diminish the right of Wayne County employees to bargain collectively or contravene the state laws, regulations, and judicial decisions which delineate the bargaining relationship between the county and its employees. Nor can the charter substantively alter established contractual obligations such as salaries, fringe benefits, and negotiated personnel policies. The Michigan Supreme Court has held that the duty to bargain supersedes charter provisions. The Michigan charter county act also protects "the rights and status of persons under the civil service system". Nevertheless, the charter will determine the structure of county labor relations management and this management will in turn influence both the pattern of labor relations and the substance of future contractual agreements.

Charter adoption will affect three broad areas of county labor relations management. First, it will substantially alter the relative distribution of labor relations authority between the legislative and executive branches of county government. Second, it may alter the administrative structure specifically assigned responsibility for management bargaining and contract administration. Third, it may establish certain specific labor management policies to the extent that these are not already prescribed through state laws and regulations or contractual agreements. This study discusses each of these areas in turn and then summarizes the major alternatives.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... County Administrative Organization
Report 267, ( March 81 ) 15 pages

Once the office of county executive or administrator has been provided for, a second major task which will confront the Wayne County Charter Commission will be the development of an overall plan of organization for the entire executive branch of county government. Since Wayne now utilizes the traditional commission form, the county government presently contains a broad array of offices, departments, boards, commissions and related agencies, performing a wide variety of functions and in many instances enjoying substantial autonomy. It will be the responsibility of the charter commission to systematize and reorganize these many units into a coherent whole. Since the great majority of the units found in a reorganized executive arm will report to the top officer of the county, the new structure in general will be built around that office.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Historical and Present Role of County Government in Michigan,
Report 266, ( February 81 ) 19 pages

This paper was published to provide some perspectives about county government--how it came to be and how its purpose and function evolved over time The first section of this paper will deal with the beginnings of county government and its development in the U.S. and in Michigan. The second and third segments will review some of the ways Michigan state government relates to the counties in the state and how counties relate to the municipal jurisdictions within them. Finally, the paper discusses the nature of the charter in the context of county government.

Wayne County Charter Issues ... Elected County Executive/Chief Administrative officer
Report 265, ( February 81 ) 16 pages

This paper will examine the role of the elected county executive or appointed chief administrative officer in a restructured county government based on experience in other reorganized counties. A separate paper in this series looks at an overall plan of organization of the executive branch.

Wayne County Charter Commission Standing Committee Recommendations,
Misc., ( June 81 ) --- pages

The Home Rule County in Michigan (Background Paper No. II),
Report 264, ( July 80 ) 21 pages

Home Rule, Charters, and Reorganization (Background Paper No. I),
Report 263, ( July 80 ) 24 pages

Wayne County Ballot Issue -- County Home Rule,
CC 915, ( July 80 ) 6 pages

City-County Separation: Detroit and Wayne County,
Report 261, ( March 80 ) 37 pages

Section Analysis of Public Act 139 of 1973 (Enrolled Senate Bill 229) Providing for Optional Unified Forms of County Government ,
Misc., ( March 79 ) 7 pages

The Organization of Ottawa County Government: Present and Proposed,
Report 246, ( August 74 ) 22 pages

Wayne County Ballot Issues: Proposition B -- Wayne County Millage Renewal (one extra-voted mill, 5-year period 1975-1979); Proposition C -- County Home Rule
CC 852, ( July 1972 ) 4 pages

A New Approach to the Organization of Wayne County Government,
CC 837, ( April 1971 ) 8 pages

A New Approach to the Organization of Wayne County Government,
Report 240, ( March 1971 ) 95 pages

A Comparison of Typical Statutory or Charter Provisions on a County Elected Executive and County Manager,
Memo, ( May 70 ) 4 pages

Memo to Special Committee on County Organization re Possible Amendment to Public Act 293 of 1966 ,
Memo, ( February 70 ) 6 pages

Wayne County Ballot Issue -- County Home Rule,
CC 815, ( October 68 ) 6 pages

County Home Rule Enabling Legislation--Summary Outline of P.A. 293 of 1966.
Misc., ( November 66 ) 5 pages

County Home Rule,
CC 780, ( March 66 ) 4 pages

Research Brief on "County Home Rule" (prepared for Committee of One Hundred),
Misc., ( January 66 ) 15 pages

County Home Rule,
CC 751, ( April 64 ) 6 pages

County Home Rule -- Report to the Honorable George Romney, Governor of Michigan, by the Governor�s Study Committee on County Home Rule,
Misc. , ( January 64 ) 10 pages

pdf File Constitutional Aspects of State-Local Relationships - I: Municipal and County Home Rule for Michigan,
Memo 203, ( October 61 ) 28 pages

(Arthur W. Bromage - Professor of Political Science, The University of Michigan) Considers the organization of Michigan local government using home rule provisions, problems that have arisen since adoption of the 1908 Constitution, comparisons with other states, and possible alternatives.

Wayne County Administration Organization,
CC 700, ( June 59 ) 8 pages

Wayne County Administrative Organization,
CC 619, ( June 54 ) 4 pages

Constitutional Amendment:
Proposal No. 1 -- Removal of Restrictions on Water Supplied Out;
No. 2 -- Eligibility of State Legislators to be Candidates for State offices;
No. 3 -- Increased Compensation for Legislators;
No. 4 -- 'Home Rule' for Wayne County,
CC 478, ( November 44 ) 2 pages

About One More Argument for Wayne County Reorganization,
CC 446, ( October 42 ) 2 pages

About the Finances of the County Home Rule,
CC 444, ( September 42 ) 2 pages

About Wayne County Home Rule,
CC 441, ( May 42 ) 1 page

About the Reorganization of County Government,
CC 433, ( January 42 ) 2 pages

Michigan's County Government (J. M. Leonard),
---, ( January 38 )

Organization and Cost of County and Township Government (State Commission) of Inquiry,
---, ( January 33 ) pages

County, Township and School District Government--Preliminary Report--State Commission,
---, ( January 32 ) pages

PDF File Simplifying County Government; Fighting the White Plague,
Public Business No. 58 ( February 15, 1921 ) 8 pages

A constitutional amendment has been proposed in the state legislature that ultimately provides for the simplification of county government in Michigan. This paper explained the virtues of that amendment and made the case for county home rule. Also included a short summary of the actions to contain the spread of tuberculosis in Detroit.




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