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CRC Column

The right to criticize government is also an obligation to know what you are talking about. 
-Lent Upson, 1st Executive Director of CRC  

1974 Publications

State Ballot Issues:
CC 876, ( October 74 ) 6 pages

Proposal A -- Limiting Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds (restrict amounts available for state police patrol and public transportation); Proposal B -- Vietnam Veterans Bonus Bonds (authorize a $205 million bond sale to pay bonuses to Michigan residents that served during the Vietnam War); Proposal C -- Removal of Sales Tax on Food and Prescription Drugs (a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot by initiative petition that was approved 56% for to 44% against); Proposal D -- State-Wide Transportation (authorize a $1.1 billion bond sale for urban transportation, inter-city rail and bus systems, people movers, airport development, port facilities, and non-motorized transportation)

Position Classification and Pay Plan for Ottawa County
Misc., ( October 74 ) 96 pages

PDF File The Oakland County Road Commission: Finances; Organization; Management
Report 247, ( September 74 ) 200 pages

A comprehensive study of the organization and operations of the Oakland County Road Commission for the purpose of identifying and implementing such changes as may be deemed necessary for maximum utilization of the Commission's resources.

Michigan's 1974-75 Spending Program
CC 875, ( August 74 ) 4 pages

The Organization of Ottawa County Government: Present and Proposed
Report 246, ( August 74 ) 22 pages

Monthly Payments to Public Assistance Recipients-Michigan and Neighboring States.
Memo 226, ( August 74 ) 9 pages

Michigan Building & Construction Trades Craft Manpower Study
Report 245, ( April 74 ) 50 pages

The 1974-75 Executive Budget
CC 874, ( February 74 ) 11 pages

Outline of the Michigan Tax System (Seventh Edition)
CC 873, ( January 74 ) 20 pages

Summary of state and local taxes [Because this publication is revised every two years, past editions have not been made available for download. Please contact CRC to obtain a copy past editions. ]




It is the CRC policy to make all publications online. If a document you desire is not yet online, please let us know of your desire. It can be put online with little turn around time. Documents may be requested at

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