Organizations like the Citizens Research Council of Michigan are based on the premise that better information leads to better government.  Policymakers in Washington, D.C., are currently debating the value of the American Community Survey (ACS), an on-going effort of the Census Bureau to document the way Americans live, work, and interact.  The ACS replaced the long survey that was randomly sent to select households during the census that is performed every 10 years.  The data provided because the ACS is an on-going survey is more timely than was the long form, better reflects the communities 7-9 years out from the last census, and is valuable for a wide range of interested parties.  Specifically as it relates to state and local government in Michigan, the ACS provides needed information that can be used to make better decisions.  USA Today wrote a nice editorial supporting continuation of the ACS in the July 16, 2012 paper.

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