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CRC Column

The right to criticize government is also an obligation to know what you are talking about. 
-Lent Upson, 1st Executive Director of CRC  

CRC actively works to disseminate our research findings with presentations when possible. CRC generally does not charge for presentations but would appreciate reimbursement for travel costs and other costs when applicable. All materials are available for use by others, but please provide proper attribution to the CRC.

Past Presentations

Date Speaker Venue Topic File
Dec. 9 Eric Lupher Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan Reform of Michigan's Statutory Unrestricted State Revenue Sharing Distribution Methodology File
Dec. 9 Craig Thiel Municipal Advisory Council of Michigan School Finance in Michigan File
Nov. 24 Bob Schneider CRC Webinar Policy Options to Support Children from Birth to Age Three File

View recorded Webinar
Oct. 22 Eric Lupher Adult Learning Institute Wolf Hunting Referenda and Ideas to Reform Michigan's Ballot Question Process File
Oct. 21 Craig Thiel Adult Learning Institute School Finance in Michigan File
Sept. 17 Bob Schneider Wayne County Treasurers Association Michigan's Economy and Budget: Progress and Challenges File
August 27 Nicole Bradshaw CRC Webinar Addressing Michigan's Obesity Problem File

View recorded Webinar
July 21 Robert Schneider Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce School Finance in Michigan File
July 16 Robert Schneider CRC Webinar Proposal 1: Conversion of State Use Tax to New Local Tax for Local Government PPT Reimbursement File

View recorded Webinar
May 22 Robert Schneider 27th Annual Tax Conference: Taxation Section - State Bar of Michigan Michigan's Budget and Economy: Progress and Challenges File
March 20 Eric Lupher Local Government Committee in MI House of Representatives Michigan's Use of Ad Valorem Special Assessments File
March 18 Bob Schneider Macomb County Treasurer's Association Michigan's FY2015 Budget: Issues for Local Governments File
March 11 Craig Thiel Michigan School Finance and Organization Michigan State Board of Education File

View recorded meeting
February 21 Bob Schneider Governor Snyder's FY2015 Budget Proposal Michigan School Business Officials
ISD Committee and School Finance Committee
February 14 Bob Schneider / Craig Thiel CRC Webinar Governor Snyder's FY2015 Budget Proposal File

View recorded Webinar
January 8 Eric Lupher CRC Webinar Reform of Michigan's Ballot Question Process File

View Recorded Webinar (note there is a few minutes without audio following the introduction because of audio malfunction)

Last Updated December 11, 2014