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CRC Column

The right to criticize government is also an obligation to know what you are talking about. 
-Lent Upson, 1st Executive Director of CRC  

CRC actively works to disseminate our research findings with presentations when possible. CRC generally does not charge for presentations but would appreciate reimbursement for travel costs and other costs when applicable. All materials are available for use by others, but please provide proper attribution to the CRC.

Past Presentations

Date Speaker Venue Topic Presentation File
October 24 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Senator Hopgood Town Hall Meeting on Tax Changes Recent Michigan Tax Changes File
October 19 Jeffrey Guilfoyle League of Women Voters Redistricting File
October 12 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Michigan Update File
October 7 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Tri County Alliance State Revenues, Transparency, and School Funding File
September 30 Jeffrey Guilfoyle "Reinvigorating Public Service in Michigan: 2011 and Beyond"
Michigan Capitol Area Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration
Evolution of Business Taxes in Michigan File
September 28 Eric Lupher League of Women Voters Dearborn-Dearborn Heights Voter Forum Explanation of Dearborn Heights Override Millage Proposal File
September 14 Eric Lupher Michigan Downtown Conference Volunteers in Michigan Cities File
September 1 Craig Thiel CRC Webinar Distribution of State Aid to Michigan Schools File


Taped Webinar

August 5 Eric Lupher Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association Governor Snyder�s Dashboard: A review of Governor Snyder�s Dashboard and it�s impact on municipal government File


Taped Webinar

June 29 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Michigan Update Detroit Athletic Club File
June 8 Eric Lupher Onekama Consolidation Forum Consolidation of the Village of Onekama and Onekama Township? File
May 25 Jeffrey Guilfoyle and Brittany Galisdorfer Senate Committee on Redistricting Testimony on Redistricting File
May 24 Craig Thiel Antrim County Community Forums Financing K-12 Education in Michigan: Background and Current Status File
May 23 Eric Lupher Rep. Bledsoe Townhall Meeting Ongoing Financial Troubles of Michigan�s Local Governments File
May 17 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Rep. Walsh Townhall Meeting Michigan�s Economic, Revenue, and Budget Situation File
May 13 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Michigan Women in Finance Conference Michigan�s Economic, Revenue, and Budget Situation File
April 28 Bettie Buss CRC Webinar The Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act File


Taped Webinar

April 27 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Owosso Rotary Governor Snyder�s FY 2012 Budget and Tax Proposal File
April 18 Craig Thiel Education on Education Forum Financing K-12 Education in Michigan:Background and Current Proposal File
April 18 Eric Lupher Northwest Michigan Council of Governments Ongoing Financial Troubles of Michigan�s Local Governments File
April 14 Eric Lupher Joint meeting of Kalamazoo County, the City of Kalamazoo, and the City of Portage Opportunities for Collaboration in the Kalamazoo Communities File
April 13 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Henry Marsh Institute for Public Policy Governor Snyder�s FY 2012 Budget and Tax Proposal File
March 25 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Administrative Officers Association Economic and Revenue Outlook and Governor�s Tax Proposal File
March 23 Eric Lupher Onekama Community Forum Consolidation of the Village of Onekama and Onekama Township?? File
March 17 Jeffrey Guilfoyle and Craig Thiel Symposium CRC co-hosted with the Center for Michigan and the Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending Finding the Path to a $1.5 billion Corrections Budget File
March 2 Jeffrey Guilfoyle and Craig Thiel CRC Budget Webinar Governor Snyder's FY2012 Budget Proposal File


Taped Webinar

February 17 Jeffrey Guilfoyle Northern Michigan University Michigan�s New Normal: Our State�s Economic, Revenue, and Budget Situation File
February 12 Craig Thiel Leauge of Women Voters of the Midland Area Michigan K-12 Finances: Short- and Long-Term Challenges File
February 9 Bettie Buss CRC Webinar Early Childhood Education File


Taped Webinar

January 19 Jeffrey Guilfoyle and Craig Thiel Michigan School Business Officials Financial Strategies Conference Michigan Economic Outlook and CRC Study Update File

Last Updated October 24, 2011